From blues to ballads, rock to waltzes, from bluegrass to soul, Clark Machtemes a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and frontman of Traveled Ground brings his Americana music to the stage as a solo show. With over 40 years of experience, playing local, regional and national stages, with 7 full length albums, the term journeyman could be a added to his profile.  Clarks original and story driven music lights up a stage. A true one man band in an old school tradition, with banjo, resonator, acoustic guitars, harmonicas all while stomping out rhythms on a suitcase for a true fresh and rootsy sound. His music is based in the traditions of Folk, Blues, Country, Gospel and Roots Rock. and is always finding new paths to travel.

"Uniquely Minnesotan. Intellectually influenced by Bob Dylan with the soul of the Mississippi Delta."  Patrick Noaker)

"What Strikes me the most Clark Machtemes and his group is their "taste" in music. Beyond musicianship and technique the listener senses a mastery and confidence in which their personal expression comes through in their work." (Wayne Christeson. Author and Music Critic, Nashville TN.)